Get all our webdesign tools on CD for only $9.99

Get all the tools this site has to offer delivered to your home on a CD-ROM, worldwide shipping included! 29 Photoshop template files with browsers, form fields and buttons, 138 screenshots of individual elements from those template files, 32 different button styles in any colour you like and 8 dummy copytexts for your layout use. All that for only $9.99, shipping included.


What's included?

Browser Templates

  1. 17 Photoshop template files with separated layers
  2. Different browsers on 3 operating Systems: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Safari and more on Windows, Mac OS X and Classic OS
  3. Screen safe areas for 2 different screen resolutions (800x x600 and 1024 x 768)
  4. 60 Pixel grid for column layouts
  5. 34 screenshots of all those browsers in 2 different screen resolutions


Form Elements

  1. 4 Photoshop template files with separated layers and text layers for easy drag-and-drop use in your layout
  2. 10 most common form fields on 4 operating systems
  3. 2 different states of mouse pointers on 4 operating systems
  4. 40 screenshots of all those form elements


Button Templates

  1. 8 Photoshop template files with separated layers
  2. 32 different button styles from woodgrain to apple's aqua look
  3. 8 different base colors, fully customizable for any color you like
  4. 64 screenshots of 8 different button styles in 8 base colors


Dummy Copytext

  1. 8 dummy copytext text files in different lengths and languages, including english, german, latin, volapük, esperanto and quenya. Including the classic 'Lorem ipsum'


Fast, Safe and secure

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Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of the CD-ROM. For any inquiries regarding your order, please contact us at