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Behind Webdesigners Toolkit are two professional web designers. We run into the same trouble you all do: we need to fix the design fast, need a nice browser for a presentation, we forgot where we found the dummy copy last time, and desperately need to find a suitable site to make a screenshot of an inactive radio button. Well, all that's easy now: you can find it here!

As an additional service (and yes, also because it helps to pay for the traffic), we offer the complete collection of our tools on a CD for just $9.99 and a selection of books that we consider essential to the contemporary web designer.

We hope you enjoy the site and our tools, and we'd love to get your feedback: contact us at info@webdesignerstoolkit.com

Need anything else besides web design templates?

Is there anything else we could do for you? Some other browser you'd like to see here? Some other tool you'd like us to provide? Some other tool you'd like us to link to?

Whatever there is we can do for you, let us know: info@webdesignerstoolkit.com

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