Free Photoshop browser templates

You need a clean browser screenshot for a design presentation? Look no further: our free photoshop browser templates for your professional screendesign come in 1024x768 pixels and 800x600 pixels size , all kinds of different browser flavours and with a few extras on top. What kind of extras?

Free Photoshop browser templates More than just a browser screenshot: extra features!

Download your free Photoshop browser template:


More than just a browser screenshot: extra features!

Our photoshop files include a screenshots of your selected browser in 2 different sizes: 1024x768 pixels and 800x600 pixels. For both sizes, the safe viewing area is marked in a separate layer.

More than just a browser screenshot: extra features!Browser components are also separated onto individual layers so you can adjust them or switch them off them as you like:

  •  Page title 
    (text layer that you can simply type your title into)
  •  Address field 
    (text layer that you can simply type your URL into)
  •  Favicon 
  •  Scrollbar 
  •  Dropshadow 
    (for OS X browsers)

Plus, there's a 60 pixel grid included in an additional layer to help you layout columns: every area you design according to the grid should easily be divisible into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 or 12 columns without resulting in half-pixel errors. Download this amazing package for free - right here.

Just a simple browser screenshot

If all this Photoshop mumbo-jumbo is more than you're actually looking for, you can also just grab yourself a screenshot of the browser you'd like:

The Zen of CSS DesignThe Zen of CSS Design

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Need anything else besides browser screenshots?

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